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with the exhibition 'Love Loves to Love Love' - James Joyce

Elena Tsomaia was delighted presented Keti Davlianidze's art exhibition for the first time in Ireland. The exhibition was an ode to peace and love, using art as a powerful medium to promote these universal values. As the guests wandered through the galleries, they were  transported to a world of beauty and wonder, surrounded by stunning pieces created by the talented Georgian artist.

Keti Davlianidze’s oeuvre illuminated our shared humanity, the beauty of our relationships to each other and our vibrant cultural identity, promoting the joy of peace and that one most precious commodity of all – Love. Nature was prominent in the exhibition, specifically dandelions as a symbol of fruitfulness and hope. Here, two dancing dandelions in the air mediate a pure relationship, and abstract shapes of two souls convey the meaning of love.

‘Love is the energy of light. And a painting can shine as bright as the sun’ - Keti!

Tbilisi-based Keti Davlianidze is an acclaimed artist from the country of Georgia. Her work is held in private collections in the USA, China, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia including the permanent collection of the Georgian Museum of Fine Arts. 


'Love loves to love love' is Keti’s solo exhibition from Tbilisi to Stockholm traveling to Dublin. Her artistic individuality is distinguished in her paintings. Admired for her delicate renderings and subject portrayals, she openly explores notions of love and explores the existential complexity of human experiences. The main character of the exhibition is Noah, an athletic male pursuing hearts, presented as a symbol of savior as salvation of man is only found in love! The meaning behind Noah's character is compassion found in love that brings us all closer to one another; the key to living is maintaining humanity, thus spreading kindness around us. 

When dealing with love, there is also the unavoidable element of fear, pain, and disappointment, for that reason Keti’s art deals with not just the pleasures and joys of life, but also the suffering all people go through. The powerful aspect that individualizes her paintings lies within the energy she communicates with viewers through her paintings: love prevails! That is, regardless of the theme her paintings remain delicate and airy, conveying the idea of love enduring through every circumstance!

Irreducible conceptual synthesis

Love has a significance, and it comes in different forms. Love loves to love love is reducible to Love endures through all! In using the quote from James Joyce, the audience is given an insight into a presentation of a Georgian artist Keti Davlianidze embodying the ubiquitous nature of love itself. 

The connection between James Joyce and Keti’s exhibition - literary and visual artistic mediums - is conceptual and allegorical. Here we have different artistic expressions dealing with extant - the ultimate expression of the human condition: compassion, sacrifice, kindness, freedom... LOVE. Joyce means Irish identity expressed in art! Because the Irish are passionate and proud, and embody love, art, music, culture in one corpuscular notion - that's the brilliance of love, as Joyce imagined it and expressed it thusly!

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